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Cell phone ticket? Best Bluetooth headset for truckers

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Review of: BlueParrot B250xt


Value for Money

Ease of Use

Blocks out a lot of background noise, good battery life.

Not the cheapest out there but reasonable.

Easy to set up.

What we like

  • Exceptional noise cancelling
  • Good battery Life
  • Great call sound quality
  • Good reception

We don't Like

  • Can only use for one device
  • Not good for listening to music
  • Should expand more for larger heads

Summary: The Blue Parrot B250xt is the most preferred headset by professional long haul drivers and is widely considered to be the best Bluetooth headset for truckers. Known to be the workhorse of the industry due to its ability to provide clear calls in noisy truck cabs.

In this review we’ll dive into why you need this device and its features that will help make your tough job easier. I’ll show you everything you need to know about this crowd favorite and why it’s the best Bluetooth headset for truckers.

So here’s the problem:

You’ve got to be able to communicate while you’re on the road.

Our society is mobile, business is mobile which means you need to be able to talk with any number of people while on the road not the least of which may be the shipper, your boss or your family.

Are you worried when you use your cell phone?

There are a ton of cell phone laws, each state has one. Not the least of which are the federal hands free cell phone laws.

In fact, depending whether or not you haul hazmat, DOT has not one but two such regulations. They will get you coming and going.

So what do you do?

The obvious answer to that is that you have to get yourself some sort of hands free device. Even the most expensive Bluetooth headset will be cheaper than receiving a ticket when you consider not only the money, but the CSA points on your record.

I’ve been looking around myself to find a headset that I can tolerate.

My problem is that I don’t need to use them that often (probably not as much as you do in your job) and I can’t stand having earpieces inside of my ear for long periods of time (I’m weird like that) unless I’m on a plane or listening to music.

To help solve my problem I started asking drivers what they were using on the road. This when I became familiar with Blue Parrots B250xt.

Who this is for

Who needs a bluetooth headset?

From what I’ve seen, this is the Bluetooth headset for truckers and other professional drivers. Truck drivers are the biggest fans of this headset, but I’ve seen a few (but not many) drivers in pickups, small cars and RV’ers use this particular model of Blue Parrot.

blueparrot b250xt_6

Outside of the trucking industry however, this style of headset isn’t widely used at least from what I’ve seen.

That being said, if you spend a lot of time doing any kind of driving, commuting back and forth to work, or any long periods in a vehicle this headset will work for you.

Even if you’re like me and just spend small amounts of time behind the wheel but just want something for use around town this is a good simple choice.

What this headset is not good for

Do you know what it’s not good for?

no good

Using with your motorcycle. Yep I’m that guy.

In an effort to try to save myself some money I got the bright idea I could use this with my motorcycle half helmet for around town. I put the headset on and then my helmet on over the top of the headset.

This was not the use for which this headset is designed for, so needless to say it wasn’t comfortable for that purpose. So much for my money saving idea, guess I’ll have to just spring for another headset for my motorcycle.

Off to the Honda shop I go…

Just goes to show you, you can’t cut corners on everything!

Some have also used this headset with their personal computer and have also tried using it for music. Although with some extra items you can use this on your PC I don’t recommend it. I also don’t recommend trying to use this headset to listen to music.

There are better equipped headphones out there to accomplish those tasks than the blueparrot b250xt.

blueparrot b250xt_4

Remember this is for using your phone and keeping your hands free.

What about for TV?

If you’re looking for a headset that you can pair with a blue tooth tv or an mp3 player it will work (depending on that particular device), but I don’t think that this is the best solution for those devices.

blueparrot b250xt_2

You’re better off looking elsewhere for a Bluetooth headset that’s designed for television watching or use with an mp3 player. These headsets only have one headphone or mono capability and you don’t need the microphone.

Remember that the primary concern here is to keep your hands free while at your vehicles controls but still be able to either a call or receive a call on your phone and keep you from getting a ticket.

Blue Parrot B250xt overview

Here are some of the features that the B250xt has:

First and foremost with this headset is its noise cancellation ability and audio quality. VXI the company that produces the Blue Parrot states that this headset cancels out around 89% of noise.

blueparrot b250xt_1

I can’t put a percentage on it, but it does do a good job of filtering out ambient noise, especially the boom mic which does feature Blue Parrots “Xtreme” noise cancelling tech.

Speaking of the microphone, its set up as a boom mic so that it can be positioned as close to your mouth as possible. The nice thing is that when you’re done, it flips up and out of the way.

This headset features 16 hours of talk time on a full charge and up to around 150 hours of standby time. “Up to” is the max, so I would plan on the standby time maybe being a little less than that.

Other great features of this headset include:

Stable over the head design, the thing doesn’t move!

Easy access controls for volume, pairing and mute

blueparrot b250xt_3

Approximately 60 feet of range to free you from cords and wires

Multi function button that controls on/off, answer call, and pairing

128 bit secure digital for privacy

Package Includes a DC charger for vehicle and an AC charger for home. Adapter and charging cords.

Hearing aid friendly

Compatible with Blue Tooth enabled computers, but I personally wouldn’t want to use this with a computer. But that’s me.

Keep your hands free for other stuff

This headset resolves your hands free problem with good button setup, great sound and functionality. I like that the headset itself is very stable and the button setup is simple.

Who likes to fumble with buttons?

blueparrot b250xt_8

I like that the button configuration is simple even compared to other devices. Large button to turn it on/off, up button to raise the volume and down button to lower it. See, simple!

A simple setup makes the buttons easy to find while you’re wearing and using it. Less time fussing around with buttons means more time your hands are on the wheel.

blueparrot b250xt_7

The less you’re messing with your device while driving means you’re more attentive to the road and not worrying about being pulled over!

What others are saying

Here’s what a few people on Amazon are saying about the B250xt Bluetooth headset. I just picked out a few, but there are over 200 reviews from real people who bought this product.

A quick response to the above comment - I stated this earlier, but if you’re looking for something to watch tv with or listen to music, this headset is not what you want. It only has one earpiece, so you’re not going to get a full stereo effect when you listen.

It’s intended for hands free use of a phone, not an entertainment experience!

Alternatives to this headset

As everyone knows, there are a lot of Bluetooth headphones choices it seems like. The trick is finding one that’s comfortable and sounds good.

If this particular headset is not your cup of tea here are some options you can take a look at.

If you like Blue Parrot, but not this particular headset or you want to look for their new stuff, you can check this list out

cobra bluetooth headset

​Once alternative that folks are using are Cobra blue tooth headsets.

A lot of people like Cobra. At some point I’ll do a review on their headsets, but for now you can check out a few and see how they stack up. People I’ve talked to say that they are very comparable.


This headset has been around a while and seems to really be the workhorse for a lot of professional long haul drivers and the best Bluetooth headset for truckers generally.

I talked with one driver who purchased the new B350xt and he wasn’t as happy with that as he had been with this model. I’ve also talked to drivers that have the B350xt and they love’m.

Blue Parrot Headset Interest over time  - They remain a strong company

As they say, Everybody’s experience is different, you’re mileage may vary!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long haul guy or zipping around town doing local deliveries you still have to contend with road and engine noise. When you have both, you’ve got a lot of environmental noise thrown at you, and you need a headset that can handle it.

I like this headset simply because I don’t like shoving things in my ear, sounds good and is very stable on my noggin.

interesting man

I don’t drive and talk a lot on my phone, but when I do I enjoy using this headset because of the sound and comfort.

I know, I know that I sound like the “most interesting man in the world” guy.

Whether or not you use this headset, just make sure that you have something to keep your hands free so that you’re paying attention to the road.

The right Bluetooth headset will not only keep your hands free, but keep you productive and give you peace of mind.

Keep your hands free my friends.

Cell phone ticket? Best Bluetooth headset for truckers
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