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earl, webmaster/editor of truckers insider
Taking a trip to the Grand Canyon

I created this website after spending years out on the road inspecting vehicles and doing public speaking on DOT compliance issues. I found out (and still find out) that there are a lot of misconceptions related to DOT compliance.

This website was established back in 2007 as a way providing helpful information to drivers and companies after seeing too many other websites and services provide incomplete or misinformation.

My Story

My name is Earl and I’ve been in law enforcement for over 20 years. I started my career in 1995 and have worked and taught classes in various locations around my state and the country on DOT compliance.

hazmat truck at dawn

Early on in my career I took an interest in DOT regulations and took it upon myself to start the uphill climb of learning this stuff. After obtaining my basic inspector credentials, I decided that wasn’t enough of a headache and decided to learn compliance reviews. If you’ve been through an audit or have done one, you know what I mean.

After spending some time with compliance reviews, I continued to work the road and do public speaking. Around 2005 or so, I developed an interest in hazardous materials enforcement and started learning the hazmat regulations as well as taking a variety hazardous materials technician classes.

Because getting a headache reading DOT hazmat regulations isn’t enough, I felt the need to put on a special suit and sweat gallons. That’s commitment folks!

2004 goldwing on interstate highway
My Baby… A 2004 Goldwing

Other Stuff I Do

When I don’t have to work, I enjoy spending time with the love of my life traveling and hitting the road on my 2004 Honda Goldwing. One of the rare times I’ve ever had any good luck on Craigslist!

I recently completed a trip to Bryce National park and in 2014 my girlfriend (an actual girlfriend not the bike!) and I rode a motorcycle (A Honda VTX 1300) from Seattle Washing to Ventura, California along pacific coast highway. We get out and ride as much as work and weather allow. After that trip is when I decided I needed a Goldwing!

motorcycle ride on pch
Riding my bike down Pacific Coast Highway. Awesome!

Like a lot of people today I tend to do a lot of stuff online from shopping (yes I admit to be a guy who “shops”), banking and getting information on other products that I like to use. I dislike being in high density public venues these days (the way things are today who can blame me?) so I stick to do doing stuff online as much as possible.

As I began to do more of my business online I began to take an interest building websites and online marketing. I noticed a lot of times I couldn’t get the info that I needed for products and services I was interested in.

That’s where this all comes together. I’ve spent years helping companies and driver with compliance issues, but at the end of the day were all people that are looking to find products and services to make our jobs and lives easier.  So I thought I would put the two together!

After all drivers are not just professional drivers, but professional travelers. While I’m not a CDL driver, I love to travel and enjoy travel hacks and tips. I’ve gotten some great travel hacks for use on my motorcycle trips over from truck drivers.

Truckers Insider brings together my passion for learning DOT compliance, traveling and online shopping and marketing. I hope you find the website helpful in your job and travels.

If you questions, comments or want to suggest things for me to take a look, head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.