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Definition of a commercial motor vehicle

You’ve been living under the illusion that a commercial vehicle is a large 18 wheel [...]

DOT truck inspection; 7 things you need to know

Like it or hate it, getting a DOT truck inspection is all part of the [...]

Can truck drivers drive at night? Safety considerations and tips

Each driver has their own strategy and plans that work best for them. There are [...]

Do truck drivers get fired for accidents? A Reality Check

Do truck drivers get fired for accidents? We'll take a look at a few factors [...]

Can Truck Drivers Have A Passenger? 6 Questions Truck Drivers Keep Asking

Looking to take a family member with you on the road? In this post we’ll [...]

How To Report A Company To DOT

There are drivers that have valid complaints, but don’t know how to  report a company [...]

Can A Truck Driver Still Use Paper Logs

Today we’ll discuss some scenarios when an electronic logging device (ELD) isn’t required and you [...]

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