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What should I put under my mini fridge?

Do you have a mini fridge or are you thinking about getting one? What should [...]

Can I Travel With a Mini Fridge?

Mini fridges are pretty great since they allow you to have a refrigerated space in [...]

Can a mini fridge be connected to an extension cord?

A mini-fridge is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep some food and [...]

Is it normal for a mini fridge to get hot? 3 Simple Tips

Many pro truck drivers who spend a lot of time out on the road invest [...]

How Long Should I Wait to Turn On My Mini Fridge?

Moving can be a huge hassle! Even though it’s exciting to be going somewhere new, [...]

Power a mini fridge with solar; Can it be done?

If you had the opportunity to have a chat with an over the road truck [...]

Do Truck Drivers Get Paid Overtime? Expectation vs Reality

Whether you work locally or over the road, workweeks for the truck driver are long, [...]

Can A Power Inverter Run Continuously?

The power inverter is crucial in any truck or RV’s power supply system. It’s responsible [...]

What is truckers arm? 5 Tips for Trucker Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun is rarely a good thing. Sure people relax inside tanning [...]

What is the Range Of A CB Radio?

If there’s one old school piece of technology that is still commonly used in the [...]

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