Thursday, August 6, 2020
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pet cat in semi truck

Pet Cat In Semi Truck: Tips And Tricks For Your Road Buddy

Pet cat in a semi truck? Sounds crazy, but a lot of drivers have them. Cats offer pro drivers excellent companionship without all the hassle of making a bunch of extra stops. I’ve seen it quite a bit over the...
can anyone use truck stop showers

Can Anyone Use Truck Stop Showers? Proven Tips For Road Warriors

Whether your a pro driver or a traveler, there comes a time when you just want to get cleaned up. Can anyone use truck stop showers? Here’s what you need to know.   Can anyone use truck stop showers? Unless otherwise specified...
how many watts does a cpap use

How Many Watts Does a CPAP Use? Yes you can travel

Traveling and dealing with a CPAP machine isn’t the easiest thing. Truckers are essentially travelers and yes, you can travel with your machine. So how many watts does a CPAP use? It’s no secret that many commercial vehicle drivers and...
How Much Electricity Does An Electric Skillet Use

How Much Electricity Does An Electric Skillet Use? Turn Up The Heat

Using an electric skillet out on the road is one of the best ways a trucker can save some cash. But how much electricity does an electric skill use? Let’s take a look. Let’s face it; As a driver of a...
truckers knee pain

Truckers Knee Pain: Surprise! You Can Feel Better While Driving

Let’s face it; Simply sitting and driving for long periods can cause any driver to experience knee pain. What are the factors that contribute to truckers knee pain and what can you do about it? In this post we’ll take...
freight broker training

How To Become A Freight Broker: A Getting Started Guide

Think about this for a moment; Learning how to become a freight broker is a great way to make good money and start your own business. With proper training and business setup you can work from anywhere. Starting a freight...