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Mini Fridge Temperature Dial Without Numbers; Keep Food Delicious

So, you got yourself a mini-fridge! Whether you’re outfitting your truck’s sleeper, moving into your college dorm, or installing a new bar, your mini-fridge is the perfect convenient addition to your living space.

mini fridge dial without numbers

But if you have a mini-fridge dial without numbers, there are a few things you might be wondering, namely, what temperature should I set  the mini fridge for and how do I do that on a mini fridge temperature dial  without numbers?

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Mini Fridge Dial With No Numbers

Generally, turning a mini-fridge dial clockwise (to the right) will make your fridge colder. The clockwise rotation typically represents an increase in the number on the dial, which also decreases the temperature of your mini-fridge.

Even if your dial doesn’t have numbers, it may have a widening line—the coldest temperature is at the broadest part of the line.

Now that you know how to adjust the temperature on a mini-fridge dial without numbers, you may have some follow-up questions. Don’t worry! The rest of this article will go over how to check the temperature of your mini-fridge, how to make further adjustments, and just how cold it can get!

How do you adjust the temperature on a mini-fridge?

You can adjust the temperature on your mini-fridge by turning the dial inside (more here). Typically, the dial has numbers on it ranging from 1-7, indicating different cooling levels. Sometimes, a mini-fridge dial without numbers will have a widening line going around the knob, where the widest part of the line indicates the coolest temperature. 

Step 1: Locate the Temperature Dial

The first step in adjusting the temperature on a mini fridge without numbers is to locate the temperature dial.

The temperature dial is typically located inside the fridge, either on the back wall or on the control panel.

It is a small knob or dial that allows you to adjust the temperature settings.

To find it, carefully examine the interior of the fridge and look for any labels or markings indicating the location of the temperature dial.

Step 2: Set the Dial to the Middle Position

Positioning the dial in the middle is the second step in adjusting the temperature on a mini fridge without numbers. This step is crucial as it establishes a baseline temperature for the fridge. By setting the dial to the middle position, it allows for a balanced temperature range that is neither too cold nor too warm. This ensures that the items stored in the fridge are kept at an optimal temperature for preservation and freshness.

  • Establishes a baseline temperature
  • Balanced temperature range
  • Optimal preservation and freshness
  • Prevents items from being too cold or too warm
  • Ensures proper storage conditions

Step 3: Monitor the Temperature

Step 3 involves closely observing the temperature in order to ensure that it remains within the desired range for proper storage conditions. This step is crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of the items stored in the mini fridge.

It is important to regularly monitor the temperature using a thermometer and make adjustments as needed. By keeping a close eye on the temperature, one can prevent potential issues such as spoilage or freezing of food items.

Step 4: Adjust the Temperature

To ensure optimal storage conditions, it is necessary to make necessary modifications to the temperature setting.

The following steps can be followed to adjust the temperature on a mini fridge without numbers:

  • Locate the temperature dial on the mini fridge.
  • Set the dial to the middle position.
  • Monitor the temperature for at least an hour.
  • Adjust the temperature by turning the dial towards colder or warmer setting.
  • Maintain the desired temperature by keeping an eye on it.

Step 5: Maintain the Temperature

To ensure consistent temperature maintenance, it is important to regularly monitor the temperature and make necessary adjustments as needed. This can be achieved by using a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the mini fridge and comparing it to the desired temperature range for perishable foods. If the temperature is too high, the temperature dial should be adjusted towards a colder setting. If the temperature is too low, the dial should be adjusted towards a warmer setting. Regular monitoring and adjustment of the temperature will help maintain the desired temperature and prevent food spoilage.

Temperature IssueSolution
Temperature too highAdjust temperature dial towards colder setting
Temperature too lowAdjust temperature dial towards warmer setting
Inconsistent temperatureCheck thermostat and thermistor for faults
Mini fridge not cooling enoughClean condenser coils and check temperature dial

Which way do you turn a dial on a mini-fridge to make it colder?

Turning the dial clockwise generally makes your fridge cooler, while turning the dial counter-clockwise makes your fridge warmer. If you aren’t sure which direction does what on your fridge, there’s a little experiment you can perform to find out! 

Turn the dial all the way clockwise and listen for the compressor. Because this is what powers your fridge, if the compressor remains on, that indicates that this is the colder setting. If the compressor turns off, that means the direction you turned the dial makes the fridge warmer. 

What is the coldest setting for a mini-fridge?

Generally, the larger numbers on the dial (or the widest part of the line on the dial) indicate the coolest temperatures because the larger number represents the refrigerant power of your unit. However, use caution when setting your fridge, as cranking the dial to the coldest temperature can freeze some of your food, which is something you don’t want! 

It’s important to be especially cautious if you have items like carbonated drinks in your fridge, which can expand and burst from their aluminum cans at cold temperatures. This effect is especially pronounced in a mini-fridge due to its small size, so monitor the temperature closely! 

On every fridge the rules for the coldest settings are generally the following:

Numbers on the fridge’s temperature dial indicate refrigerant power. The higher the number goes the colder the fridge will maintain. Setting it to 5 will make your fridge the coldest.
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How do I check the temperature on my fridge?

One of the pesky things about fridge dials is that they do not indicate the temperature settings, even with numbers! So how do you find out what temperature your mini-fridge is at? Well, that’s easy—buy a fridge thermometer!

These are small and relatively inexpensive devices that allow you to accurately monitor the temperature of your mini-fridge despite the dial’s shortcomings. Just place on inside one of your fridge shelves, and you’ll be good to go! Of course, you can leave the thermometer inside your fridge almost anywhere—some of them have clips that can attach to the grates inside to keep them stationary as well. 

Having a fridge thermometer is a great way to monitor the temperature during the change of season or in-between grocery trips when the volume of your mini-fridge may change. 

What’s the best temperature for my mini-fridge?

A middle-of-the-road setting is typically recommended for your mini-fridge to keep your food cool and fresh without freezing anything. While this might look like the middle of the dial or the number 3 to 4, what temperature does this actually represent?

The optimal temperature for your mini-fridge is around 37F. However, with the help of your new fridge thermometer, you can easily make adjustments to your fridge dial to find the perfect temperature. 

Keep in mind that you may need to adjust your mini-fridge’s temperature dial during the change of season when the ambient temperature in your room may become warmer or cooler! You don’t want to end up with warm drinks in summer and frozen fruits in the winter! 

You should also adjust the temperature dial according to how much food or drink you have stored in your mini-fridge. If your fridge is more crowded, it’s more difficult for air to circulate and cool everything inside, so you should turn the dial clockwise to cool everything down. 

On the opposite side, if you find your fridge nearly empty, the contents will cool down faster and require less power, so keep the internal temperature a little warmer to avoid freezing what you’ve got inside!

How do I turn my mini-fridge off?

If you’re leaving for an extended period, you’ll need to empty your mini-fridge and defrost it. Likewise, you’ll have to do the same thing if you’re moving out or transporting your fridge to a new location. So how do you do that?

If your dial has numbers, the “off” position is at 0. However, for a mini-fridge with no numbers, this position is typically the most counter-clockwise position on the dial. As stated above, you can tell if your fridge is getting warmer when the compressor turns off, so listen closely for this sound. 

Remember to clean out your fridge before turning it off! If your mini-fridge has a freezer compartment, place towels in the base of the mini-fridge to catch melting ice and prevent a mess. 

Mini fridge temperature dial without numbers…Wrap up

Even if your mini-fridge dial has no numbers, you can turn it clockwise (or towards the widening part of the line) to make your fridge cooler and counter-clockwise to make your fridge warmer. Keep an eye on those temperatures with a fridge thermometer to keep your food fresh! 

Well, there you have it! Now you know everything you need to know to set up your new mini-fridge and keep your drinks cool and food fresh with the help of your new appliance!

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