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Cook your favorite meals on the go with our wide selection of 12 volt appliances. We carry 12 volt microwaves, induction cooktops, air fryers, blenders, coffee makers, and more. Our 12 volt cooking appliances plug into your RV, boat, truck, or off-grid power system, so you can cook anywhere. Compact and efficient, our 12 volt cooking appliances will make meal prep easy while camping, road tripping, or living off the grid. Shop now for the highest quality 12 volt cooking appliances at great prices.

Why You Need 12 Volt Appliances

12 volt appliances let you cook food while on the road. They plug into your vehicle's 12 volt power outlet or power source. Popular options are mini ovens, coffee makers, and electric skillets. Getting a 12 volt cooking appliance allows you to easily prepare meals while camping or road tripping.

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