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What temperature should I set my mini fridge to?

Mini-fridges offer loads of cooling power in a small package. But, unfortunately, they’re often not straightforward to set compared to regular fridges. 

What temperature should I set my mini fridge to

What temperature should I set my mini fridge to? Sometimes the answer isn’t straightforward, because each fridge’s dial is a bit different. Plus, there are a few other things to consider when adjusting your mini fridge, so let’s dive into it.

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What Temperature Should I Set My Mini Fridge To?

Place the mini fridges dial setting approximately halfway. Adjust the fridge’s temperature up or down depending on how many items you’re keeping cold. The more items in the fridge, the colder you should adjust the setting. 

Some of the best mini-fridges typically come with a numbered dial which you use to set its temperature. The higher the number, the colder the appliance will be. Choose the middle number for a reasonably cold temperature. Then, adjust the setting up to make it colder or down to make it warmer until you find the perfect temperature for your needs.

If it seems confusing at first, don’t worry! In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about your mini-fridge’s temperature settings.

Let’s get to it!

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What Is The Coldest Setting On A Mini-Fridge?

The coldest setting on a mini-fridge is either the lowest temperature setting available or the highest number you can select on a numbered dial.

That might sound confusing at first, but don’t worry. Let me explain what’s going on with mini-fridges to you.

You see, manufacturers these days equip their mini-fridges with one of two types of temperature controls:

  • Precise temperature settings according to degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Numbered dials that start at 1 and go all the way up to 9 or more.

If your mini-fridge is the first kind, the coldest setting will be the lowest temperature you can select. 

That lowest temperature will differ depending on your mini-fridge brand and model. Still, most models typically go down to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit (or -15 degrees Celsius). That’s well below freezing temperatures!

However, if your mini-fridge is the second type with a numbered dial, the coldest setting is the highest number. 

Simply put, the numbers on that dial represent the level of refrigeration power you want. So, the higher the number, the colder your mini-fridge will be inside.

The numbered dials on mini-fridges these days start at 1 and go to 7 or more. Again, the higher the number, the colder that fridge can be.

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Is A Mini-Fridge Colder At 1 Or 9?

If your mini-fridge comes with a numbered knob, the highest number is the coldest setting. That means the appliance is colder at 9 than it is at 1.

When you turn the numbered knob on a mini-fridge, what you’re doing is selecting the level of cooling that you want. A higher number means more cooling, while a lower number means less.

So, when you set the mini-fridge to 9, the compressor and other mini-fridge components will keep working non-stop for much longer. Only once it reaches the coldest temperature possible will it stop cooling the mini-fridge down any further.

When Should I Choose A Warmer Or Colder Setting On A Mini-Fridge?

As a general rule of thumb, the middle setting on a numbered knob is a safe bet for your mini-fridge. So, for example, numbers 1-4 are relatively warm on a fridge with a maximum setting of 9. 

Choosing those warmer settings will be ideal if you plan on keeping very few items in the mini-fridge and don’t need too much refrigeration power. 

People who live in colder climates don’t need to set their mini-fridges too high since the ambient temperatures are pretty low already.

However, you should choose a higher setting, like those between 5 and 9, if you need the fridge to be extra cold. 

For instance, colder settings would be ideal if you’re packing the mini-fridge with many items. Doing that is also an excellent idea if the mini-fridge’s surroundings are hot, like if you’re placing the mini-fridge in the garage during the summer. 

In these warmer environments, you need the mini-fridge to produce more cooling power to keep items inside as cold as you’d want them to be.

Should I Choose The Coldest Setting For My Mini-Fridge?

You do not need to choose the coldest setting for your mini-fridge in most cases. Doing so could make things inconvenient for you and even damage the food items inside.

Here’s why:

When your mini-fridge gets too cold and stays that way for too long, the items inside its appliance will likely start to freeze over. And unless those items are in the freezer compartment, you probably don’t want that to happen.

That can lead to other problems, especially if you have to wait for your food and drink to thaw out before enjoying them.

Besides that, freezing some items will damage them and make them inedible. For instance, you can’t freeze cooked egg whites, cucumbers, fried foods, and more.

Plus, frozen food items for too long can also experience freezer burn. That’s when food items are freezing for so long that their quality starts to go down.

So, the safest bet is to start with the middle setting on your mini-fridge’s numbered dial. From there, you can adjust the temperature up or down, one step at a time, until you find the ideal temperature setting for you.

Is 1 Or 7 Colder On A Galanz Mini-Fridge?

On a Galanz mini-fridge, the number 7 setting is colder than number 1. The higher that number goes, the colder the setting for that mini-fridge.

According to the manufacturer, you can turn the knob to number 4 if you want a regular temperature inside the mini-fridge.

They point out that numbers 1-4 are ideal when you need a higher temperature in the unit, and numbers 5-7 if you’d like it to be a little colder.

What Is The Ideal Temperature Setting For My Mini-Fridge?

The ideal temperature setting for your mini-fridge keeps your food fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria. But, at the same time, it should also be a setting that doesn’t cause your food to freeze over.

In terms of specific temperatures, the US Food and Drug Administration recommends keeping your mini-fridge at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the freezer compartment should be at 0 degrees to keep things frozen safely.

One a mini-fridge with a numbered knob, the middle temperature is safe for storing food without causing them to freeze. However, the precise temperature can differ between mini-fridge brands and models.

If you’d like to measure the precise temperature of each numbered setting, you can do so by placing a food thermometer inside the fridge.

What temperature should I set my mini fridge to…Final Thoughts

Always remember that a mini-fridge is not to be underestimated. They’re exceptionally efficient at creating a cool environment inside, much as a full-sized fridge would. For that reason, most people won’t have to set their mini-fridges to the coldest setting available.

Remember: start with the middle setting, then gradually adjust to the temperature setting that suits your needs.

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